Create Your Own Legacy for Arizona’s Women

You can help ensure the success of Arizona women now and into the future. Be a part of a legacy of creating equal opportunities, sufficient resources, and a positive impact on family, community and our state by giving to the AFW Endowment Fund or joining the SHE Counts!® Legacy Circle.

Today, Arizona Foundation for Women is building an endowment of support resources that are readily available when needed to support women in our communities. You can help. Your support of the Endowment Fund and SHE Counts!® Legacy Circle can manifest itself in a number of different ways to maximize the impact you create in the areas you care most about.

Creating your own legacy is easier than you think.

It would be our pleasure to meet with you and share the many ways you can make a difference in elevating the status and success of women in Arizona.

Click here to learn ways to contribute to AFW’s Endowment Fund.

For more information, contact Mesha Davis at 602-875-5160 or mdavis@azfw.org.