At Arizona Foundation for Women, we envision an Arizona where women are safe, healthy and economically independent. Our mission is quite similar, in that we work to advance the status of Arizona's women through research, advocacy and philanthropy to ensure their safety, health and economic independence.

A woman who completes her education and plans her family will be better able to support that family.

A woman with wage-earning capacity and attachment to the labor force is better equipped to leave abusive relationships.

A woman who is safe, healthy and economically independent is a role model for her children, grandchildren and generations to come, and sets the stage for a better life for us all.

But in Arizona, not all women have been able to achieve these basic goals.

At Arizona Foundation for Women, we focus on three areas — (S)Safety, (H)Health and (E)Economic Empowerment — to ensure SHE Counts®, and the women of our community are empowered to succeed. And we accomplish this in three ways — through Research, Advocacy and Philanthropy.

We envision an Arizona where women are able to create an equitable and just future, and one where they are safe, healthy and economically independent.


Our mission is to advance the status of Arizona’s women through research, advocacy and philanthropy.

We connect hearts and minds, and work to create a competitive advantage of thought leadership, expertise, responsiveness, relationships, and collaborative spirit. Our approach is a holistic strategy of research, advocacy and innovative grant-making that is both necessary and practical.

For example, economic empowerment is only possible with access to job opportunities with equitable and livable pay, quality healthcare, safe home environments and relationships, and quality education. Our research on the status of women in Arizona informs our stakeholders and is a community resource for all. AFW funds innovative programs that support these goals. In turn, our grant partners and their outcomes help us hone our research topics.  The objective is to improve systems affecting women and move the needle for overall systemic change.


In 2016, Arizona Foundation for Women became a Supporting Organization of Arizona Community Foundation. This allows Arizona Foundation for Women to focus on its mission and fundraising, while receiving management and administrative support from Arizona Community Foundation.