SHE Counts!®

They are our mothers.

Our wives and partners.

Our daughters. Our sisters.

Our aunts. Our nieces.

Our grandmothers.

They are us. They are the fabric of our families and our communities. And they deserve a chance for success.

Arizona Foundation for Women has used its resources to support a myriad of projects that are at the top of the list if issues affecting women and children. The organization maximizes the use of funds by either identifying an existing program that needed strengthening or in the past started programs where none existed.

What makes Arizona Foundation for Women so effective is our flexibility to meet needs through multiple delivery channels. Our foundation excels at identifying unmet needs and developing the initiatives and methods to address them. This approach allows the foundation to address the issues of Arizona women from a broader, macro perspective.

The key to AFW’s success has been its unique ability to coordinate both sectors, bringing together businesses, government and non-profit organizations to achieve common goals with uncommon results.


Since joining the women’s foundation movement, we continue to:

o   Make the Case. Advocate for women.

o   Move the Community. Take action.

o   Educate our Legislators. Improve the status of Arizona women.

o   Be the Change. End domestic violence and human trafficking and push pay equity to name a few.

o   Get men involved. Build champions rallying for women.

o   Be Philanthropic. Support the community with financial resource.