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Mission – Advancing the status of Arizona’s women through research, advocacy and philanthropy to ensure their safety, health and economic independence.

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·$5,000 – Provides 116 women diagnosed with breast cancer and needing a mastectomy, a tailor-made survival kit. Kit includes customized prosthetic implant and bar for each person’s size and more.


$2,500 – Emergency case management assistance for 160 individuals. Includes access to emergency food pantries, supplies for financial basics, parenting, domestic violence and home maintenance classes. Individuals also receive supplies for psycho-education support groups or workshops.


$1,000 – Provides 20 human trafficking survivors with no-cost legal services.


$500 – Brings a woman from zero income, to self-sufficiency through employment.


$250 – Provides one month of transitional housing for a family.


$100 – Provides one doctor visit for a women needing medical attention, after fleeing a domestic violence incident.

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