AFW Angels

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In 1996, Patti Naughton, who was a member of the AFW Board of Directors, created the AFW Angels to support AFW initiatives. The Angels have contributed their time and talents to the mission of the Foundation, which is to ensure the Safety, Health and Economic security of every Arizona woman. To date, AFW has donated nearly $3 million to Arizona non- profits, changing well-over 2 million lives in Arizona -- change that would not have been possible without the support and service of the Angels.  

The primary fundraising tool for AFW is the annual Awards Luncheon, which provides the support of the Foundation’s annual grant-making, research, and advocacy activities.  Participation by the Angels makes the event such a success through members’ efforts in securing auction items and sponsorships. 

AFW is looking for leaders who want to be involved, connected, and supportive of women’s issues in Arizona.  If you are interested in joining the Angels or would like more information, please contact Mesha Davis at 602-532-2800, extension 6 or


2019 Angels

Ruby Farias
Event Co-Chair

Darlene Keller Price
Event Co-Chair

Margaret Anderson

Steven Connor

Stephanie Ellsworth

Carmel Fenwick

Patricia Garrity

Ava Genung

Creighton Hardy

Vanessa Hasten

Donna Hicks

Katie Hogan-Holmberg

Gena Johnson

Barbara Kaplan

Belen Konesky

Dottie Kobik

Claudia Kretchmer

Abby Leadon

Marlena Krueger

Dorie Morales

Rema Salman

Lisa Scanlon

Cheryl Scheidell

June Shapiro

Merin Stoneman

Susan VanHooser

Alexandra Walters

McKenna Wesley

Amy Winski

Chevera Trillo

Carey Conley