Arizona Foundation for Women was founded in 1995 by community trailblazer and philanthropist Marilyn R. Seymann and a group of local leaders.

It was founded in response to the low rate of philanthropic giving to women’s issues — just 4 percent of giving at the time was directed to women’s causes. The Foundation joined other women’s funds and foundations from across the nation and world to create a “women’s funding movement.” As part of that movement, the Foundation has contributed more than $2 million to the community since its inception.

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Every few years, Arizona Foundation for Women completes an in-depth research study on the status of women in Arizona compared to the rest of the country. Many community leaders, philanthropist and nonprofits rely on this research to make change in the community or to fulfill their missions.

The Status of Women in Arizona Report (the first of which was released in 2007) is a non-partisan resource tool valued by public policy and legislative decision-makers. Our research publications provide integrated, current, and relevant information on Arizona’s women. 



As a leading voice for women in Arizona, Arizona Foundation for Women is a key resource with a long history of effectively advocating on behalf of women. It is imperative we inform the entire state about issues affecting women. 



Since 1995, Arizona Foundation for Women has provided millions of dollars to community nonprofit organizations through general grants and donor-advised-funds. Arizona women are immediately helped directly through these prevention-focused seed funds provided to local nonprofits.

Each year Arizona Foundation awards provides grants to Arizona nonprofits making a difference in the lives of women in the areas of Safety, Health and Economic Empowerment.